Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Better Oats

We saw this new kind of oatmeal at the grocery store the other day, and thought we'd try it. The box includes 5 individual pouches, and you can use the pouch to measure the water, so it's easy to use for a quick breakfast at the office, no measuring cup needed! We got the maple and brown sugar variety, and my toddler is now addicted to the oatmeal! But that's an addiction we're fine with. The oats are whole grain oats, and there's extra antioxidants and flax seed. I don't know about you, but I loooooove flax seeds!

The box of 5 pouches retails for about $1.25/$1.50, so it's not that expensive when compared to good old Quaker oats, and I'm pretty sure it's much healthier. Head on over there to get a free coupon (thanks Money Saving Mom and EEEndeavers!), or "fan" them on Facebook and get a BOGO coupon!

Let me know what variety you tried, and how much you enjoyed it!